Bus timings

Bus no. 4 from Samarkand norra at 17:33 has not been coming for last 3 days whereas the website and the bus time display at the stop shows this bus is running. It shows until 1 minute is left in arrival and then starts showing the next bus time. I have missed my train to Lessebo last 3 days due to this issue. I will appreciate if this can be looked into and fixed to avoid further confusion and inconvenience to the travellers.



  • Hi Danish!

    I`ve been looking in to this to see what has happend with bus no.4. The data shows that the bus has been late the last three days. On the 13th it was at Samarkand norra 17:38, on the 14th,17:36. Yesterday the bus was held at the railway crossing i Räppe due to a trainstop. Therefor it was late almost 10 minutes and arrived at Samarkand Norra 17.42.

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